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Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Amy Baker Sales Onboarding Coordinator 865.938.3555
Andrea Ball President/CEO 865-938-3555 ext 100
Angie Evans Payroll Specialist 865-938-3555 ext 201
Brian Nunley Director of Business Development & Broker Relations 865-938-3555 ext 125
Carole Rhyne Receptionist 865-938-3555 ext 102
Chris LaRue Business Development Consultant 865.938.3555 ext 111
Dan Jones Underwriter 865.938.3555 Powell TN
Dawn Takebayashi Payroll Specialist 865.938.3555
Debra Fergerson Director of Payroll
Fred Braden Business Development Consultant 865-938-3555 ext 107
Jeremy Thomann Director of Information Technology 865-938-3555 ext 200
Joe Naill Director of Risk Management 865-938-3555 ext 114
Joy Heard Tax/Accounting Specialist
Kelli Jo Wright Director Marketing/Public Relations 865-938-3555 ext 130
Kevin LaRue New Client Specialist
Kevin Sparks Controller
Meg Owings Payroll Administrative Assistant
Michael Houbre Staff Attorney 865-938-3555 ext 117
Mike Rudd Director of Safety 865.938.3555
Mitchell Turner Business Development Consultant 865.938.3555 ext#133